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Campaign Terms and Conditions

  1. The "Refer your neighbour" campaign is live from the 21st April to the 31st December 2023.
  2. The campaign is live only at Excitel's serviceable locations.
  3. This campaign is open only for an existing Excitel subscriber with an active subscription.
  4. For an existing Excitel subscriber, to participate in the campaign, they should be having any active Excitel plan.
  5. Post the successful installation of any or all referred people by the existing Excitel subscriber, the existing subscriber will be eligible for the gratification in the campaign.
  6. The gratification in the campaign is 30 days credit to their active Excitel broadband plan.
  7. The speed/plan of the additional 30 days which the existing Excitel subscriber would have won, will be topped on the same active subscription, in the same location for which user ID has been provided during participation by the subscriber.
  8. In case the referral is interested to get Excitel subscription but their home is not in the serviceable area of Excitel, then the referral will not be considered and the existing customer would not be eligible for the gratification.
  9. The Excitel connection has to be for home and not for commercial use for both existing subscribers who participate as well as for the one referred to get an Excitel subscription.
  10. The campaign can be modified or retrieved by Excitel at any given point in time.
  11. The gratification in this campaign cannot be transferred or/and clubbed with any other offer or scheme by Excitel.
  12. Duplicate entries for a referral will be treated as a single entry.
  13. In case of multiple Excitel subscribers referring to the same person, the one through whom the lead gets matured/ Excitel subscription is taken, will be considered as the winner. In such cases, the sole discretion is with Excitel to select the winner amongst all.
  14. Excitel owns the copyrights to the text, emails, photographs, videos, audios, graphics, user interface and any other content provided on the page and the selection, coordination and arrangement of such content on this page. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, you are prohibited from copying, reproducing, modifying, distributing, displaying, performing or transmitting any of the contents for any purposes.
  15. The Company collects information about Customer’s transactions with the Company and its business partners included. Information is collected about Customer’s use of the demanded products. The Company can use this information to customize its products. The same includes anonymous reporting for internal and external teams.
  16. The Company may share personal information about the Customer with their registered sub-vendors.
  17. By submitting your information and/or contacting us through any medium like a phone call, social networking channels, website, etc, you agree to receive any promotional messages, material and be contacted by Excitel or their sub-vendors.
  18. All mentioned plans are subject to change or discontinuation without any prior information.
  19. The Company shall reserve the rights to modify/withdraw any promotional campaign along with offered gratification (if any) without prior notice to the Customers.
  20. The ONU devices provided by Excitel against a security deposit will remain the property of Excitel Broadband Pvt Ltd at all times.
  21. Any other charges other than plan cost should be borne by the customer.
  22. The selection of winners and the process to do so is on the sole discretion of Excitel.
  23. It is considered that the participant has read and agreed to all the terms and conditions at the time of participating in the campaign.
  24. The Company may update this policy and display the same in its website without notice and such posting will be deemed to have been read by all.
  25. In case of any further queries, kindly contact our customer care on 011 66956695.

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