FrequentlyAsked Questions

New Connection

Do you recommend a specific router or a list of routers?
Will I get a copy of my bill/Invoice?
What are the broadband plans offered by Excitel?
How do I apply for a new connection?
What type of a router do I need in order to use your services?
Will I get a copy of my bill/Invoice?
What is the minimum duration for service contract?
How can I obtain my Excitel username and password?
I have applied for a new connection. How soon can I expect to start using your services?
Are there any additional charges applicable for service maintenance?
Do I need to pay while applying for Excitel Broadband connection?
What are the installation charges for the service?
Is there a data limit / FUP on my connection?
Can I use multiple computers/laptops with your service without the use of a router?
Is it possible to use your services without a router?
Does Excitel provide a router with a new connection?
Do you provide services in my locality / area?
What is the Excitel Entertainment Offer Pack?
Do I need to pay extra for an OTT subscription plan?
Do I get to choose which OTT I want?
What happens after the 90 days period is over?
What will happen if I change my plan? Will my subscription continue?
I am already a subscriber of the 300 Mbps 3 months plan by Excitel, how do I activate the OTT for me?
When will my OTT subscription get activated?
How can I access OTT content?
Where do I access OTT content?
What is my login and password for OTT subscription?
What if I have forgotten the password?

Renew Connection

Can I shift the service to another location?
Can I change the plan/tariff at any point of time?
How do I renew my Subscription?
I haven’t received my login and password for OTT subscriptions?
Why am I not getting the free OTT subscriptions on my existing plan?
My login is not working for a specific OTT?
How will I know the status like validity, expiry date, etc. of my OTT subscriptions?
If I already have any of the existing OTT subscriptions, will the validity of the offer get added to it?


How can I contact Excitel


What is FTTH
Why is FTTH better than other available technologies?